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May 13, 2010 By admin

If you observe semi-final line-up of 2010 T20 world cup, one can easily find one interesting thing. Those countries whose players have not participated actively in the 2010 IPL have reached semi-finals in T20 Cricket world cup.

T20 World cup semi-finalists:

1. Australia: They are not defeating teams but are decimating. Most of them decided to take rest and prepared well for T20 world cup. Others have participated in just few games.

2. Pakistan: No one played in IPL and luckily reached semi-finals.

3. England: Wonderful performance and performed well. Pietersen is an exception.

4. Sri Lanka: They are drained out but weak opponents in super 8 helped them to reach semi-finals.

Worst performers:

1. India: They lacked hunger. They lacked fitness. They lacked seriousness. It is waste to discuss about these Indian cricketers. It is waste to talk about Dhoni’s captaincy in this tournament.

2. South Africa: These players are chokers at big tournaments but this year’s performance is pathetic. They drained out after playing extensively in 2010.

3. New Zealand: I failed to understand. They used to play well at big tournaments but….

4. West Indies: Pollards are drained out. Others failed to adjust their game to T20 format.

Final note: Except Australia, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, no team played with zeal. It is a world cup cricket tournament. But, I failed to find such seriousness among cricketers. These cricketers should be trained by patriotic players like Kapil Dev, Javed Miandad, Steve Waugh and Mohinder Amarnath. Yuvrajs and Gambhirs should learn from Clarkes and Johnsons. If they are not interested to die for country, just replace them with Robin Uthappas, Sourab Tiwarys and Ambati Rayudus.

Cricket is a war. You are fighting for your country. You should prepare to die for your country on cricket field.

Please share your opinion on T20 world cup.

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