Sydney sixers climb at that top spot with that thrilling win

Sydney sixers win

If we talk about that game then that is, like the most thrilling and the excellent win by the Sydney sixers. In that, all about the turn and that winning team means the Sydney sixer’s positive way thing that comes with that win. And finally, after the nail betting contest, the Sydney sixer win that thrilling match. That match is like they have overhauled the opposition means the Brisbane Heats. The fused like the negative lost. By that loss, they can’t keep their momentum at the top. Like this little thing that all are very mandatory in the cricket ground. I’m that 20 over cricket match, one time like Sydney sixers can not win that match. But by that excellent knock, they won that match. On that match the superstar or the man of the match that is Denial Christian. By his excellent knock helped the Sydney sixers to won that match. Carlos Brathwaite also plays very well.

Sixers stutter at that rest

Sydney sixers climb at that top spot

That match is like the low scoring match. Or that the slightly or that below of that chasing the 149 targets. In T20 that is not well run in that overs. If you want to win in cricket then you should make the 180 and above 180 runs. But if we talk about the match then sixer’s lost their wickets in the against of the new ball but when the ball is old. Then that time they started hitting the ball. This is like a game-changing moment for the sixers. At that time the Daniel stand against the bowlers and played the game. And in that match, he contributes that in 72 runs. And by that run, the sixer won the game very smoothly.

But when Daniel came to the craze then that field made the batting pitch. With the help of that pitch, he scored well for his club. And that was so good about Daniel that was. When he was under pressure then also he didn’t worry.

The mini-collapse and Christian heroics

When the Brathwaite hit the last couple of runs or we can say the last six then that is like. And the middle of the match when the seamers were tried something on his bowling. Then that time he has punished badly by the batsman. That’s the good thing about the match. In his last over they provide the finishing touch in the last ball.

The two covid tests passing in the Day 4 from that training allowed in the West Indies

In that team west indies, they have 38 members in their member contingent. And at Dhaka, they arrived on Sunday. And they passed the Covid 19 test. And that following that which they will isolate for the few days in the hotel room.

If in reports there is nothing too unique or unwell then they are free for the fourth day of the practice. Whether the BCB also provides accommodation and also the facilities of the SBNS. But that news is true that they all are expected to be isolated for a few days.

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