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3rd test 

In the 3rd test, India was good control in-game. And Australia was losing their wickets quickly, then smith came to the crease, and Smith’s century helps Australia retain control. By this excellent knock, the Australian team got game caught. 

And smith made a  turnaround of his string of that low scores. And for joining the edit group of the batsman, who played well in both innings also they made in their first innings that score is 338 for all out. And this 338 smith smashed a century on that. After India’s first innings, they all are all out in 244. And that happened the second day. In the 3rd test 3rd day again Australia came for his second innings, after their excellent batting they have stretched which is 276. And also in the second innings smith made a fifty. And by his good batting performance, the Australian team bated full day means the 3rd day of the game.

Indian players

4th day

And the 4th day, Australia has seen the quick runs in the morning. But how the pitch gradually deteriorating, that only work for the batsman so much tougher. That became the bowling pitch. That started help to the bowlers but for this also smith can even any mind what’s going on. And that pair which is between smith and Labuschagne they are unable to move on. 

India has been made the inroads but that as early as off the second ball of the day by that leg side off the playing off had the hanuman vihara which is a backward point held that the amazing Labuschagne awesome and unique flick. That flick is too good, that time dropped that catch by the hanuman Bihari. When he was 47. And the Labuschagne made his second fifty in the test, and his first innings where he made 90 plus run that saw that how good form. And also the Indian pacers negotiate on that pair for the overnight. Which is now the two passed pitched.

And when R S Ashwin has prevented the setting of that length and that time runs were spare. That was the Navdeep Saini who provide that breakthrough and the Labuschagne missing out on the century and missing out the century once again and the game after having one edge going on the leg side and then down the leg. And finally and ending and Shane got the regulation from Matthew wade to give something to India. That is something about the Saha, who stepping for and he is the change of Rishav pant both the catches was picked by him.

After all, this Smith and the Cameron Green joined that hands to the take about the lead pass which is now 250 plus, and accept more than that.  And if we talk about that then that was not the zip-off of the surfaces and also the ode one and that the kept low or that was the extra bounce and by the seemers that is the more challenge for the spinners. And the good one that is the Australian that pair is lead by the break with not any damage needed one.

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