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You all will be surprised to hear that England has participated in every cricket world cup since the first one in 1975. England is the country that invented cricket, and from there, it spread into the world.

England’s people used to play cricket for fun, but soon they realized its fame and potential and started taking it to the next level. As a result, England is the first country to play a first-ever international match with Australia.

Back at times, very few countries knew about cricket, but soon with the efforts of cricket playing countries, and it started gaining popularity. The world cup is the biggest and major tournament in the cricket world.

To take part in the cricket world cup is a dream and a matter of pride for every cricket playing country. England is one of the biggest names in the world cup, and though having great players in the team, they have failed to win the world cup till 2019. So for the fans, keep asking when did England win the world cup.

The English Cricket Team has had an amazing journey through the 2019 Cricket World Cup, held at Lord’s in London. They completed what many considered impossible with their incredible victory over New Zealand to win the world cup.

England Cricket Team in 2019 world cup

England team squad 2019 full review

England was considered to favourite to win the world cup this year. They performed very well in this tournament and finally won their first-ever world cup trophy.

The fans of England was waiting for this moment for so long, and the England cricket team finally served their expectations. England started well by defeating a good team of South Africa in their first match.

England won this match by 104 runs. They fought well in their next match against Pakistan, but it wasn’t enough for Pakistan as they lost to Pakistan by 14 runs. Then the England cricket team came in the form by winning their consecutive three games to reach the semifinals.

In The Semi-Finals Of 2019

So the semifinal of world cup 2019 took place on 11 July 2019 at Edgbaston, Birmingham. The match was between England, and Australia and England were now two steps behind winning the world cup. The match started with Australia winning the toss to bat first.

Australia could not perform well in batting as they were all out in 49 overs with a total score of 223. The England bowlers like Chris Woakes did well and took three wickets. England, with ease, achieved the target in just 32 overs with the loss of two wickets and won the match.

The result shattered the dream of the Australian team of lifting the world cup. This was the first time when they suffered a loss in the semifinals of the world cup. And with this, England easily qualified for the finals of the world cup 2019.

Finals of world cup 2019

The final game of the tournament took place on 14 July 2019 at Lord’s London. The stadium was full of supporters from both sides of England and New Zealand. New Zealand won the toss and elected to bat first. Their batsmen did well and scored a total of 241 runs in fifty overs. 

Now it was the time for England to perform well in batting. Ben Stokes of England scored 84 runs, and with his contribution, England was successful in drawing the match in the end. Jimmy Neesham took three wickets to hold England in the tie.

The match got even more interesting as now the winner will be decided with the super over method. The New Zealand 15 runs in super over and England very easily won the super over to win the first-ever world cup. The England fans started celebrating and enjoying this exciting win over New Zealand. With this world cup final, England showed its dominance in the cricket world cup.

England became the third consecutive country to host as well as win the world cup. Also, the super overcame in handy to decide the winner for the first time in ODI. Many records were established and broken like England came very close to winning the world cup in earlier times a couple of times, but this time they did it.

Eoin Morgan was the captain leading his England team to the historic victory. He is a very good batsman and a fielder. He also has been very good with the captaincy and helped England perform well in all the other tournaments.

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